Monday, August 27, 2012

A red, yellow and blue striped shared boys bedroom!

One very tired mama later.......and the boys' bedroom is DONE!!!!


I was trying to redecorate the entire room on a budget, which didn't exactly make it "low effort". 


But it kept me going.....gave me something to do....y' if I didn't have enough going on already ;)

The best part is that it was all worth it to see that boys' faces when I showed them their new room!! 

They couldn't have been more excited. They literally spent hours sitting/playing/exploring in their new room....reading books even! On their own! wow.....why didn't I do this sooner? :)

Anyways....on to the room.....

It's a very busy, pattern-heavy, superhero-friendly room......I figured (since I really can't stand superhero *stuff*)....if you can't beat them, at least make sure that the superhero stuff that does get into the house is somewhat simple and not too garish!

So...I made the cushions (seriously...try finding a red "Flash" cushion...or a "lellow" Superman pillow. IMPOSSIBLE.   They were actually really easy to do.....I wanted them to look a little bit rough around the edges, so I just cut out the superhero symbols and appliqu├ęd them on the cushion covers, leaving the raw edges showing. 

I also made a big navy blue euro sham with two arrows on red, and one yellow.

(Read this post to find out why I had to have one side of the room RED and the other side "LELLOW" ) :)

***ps: Please excuse the bad semi-fuzzy pics in this post....the lighting was bad! They're bugging me, so I might retake them....but we'll see if I get a chance! ***

I painted the blue stripes on the wall (it was dark brown previously, so this made a BIG difference to the room).....using no VOC paint, of course ;)

I wanted some personalized wall art that the boys would recognize, so I edited two pictures of them riding their bikes at the skate park, and had them enlarged. 

This picture makes me smile every time I look at it :)  Two very happy little men!

The bunting was one I'd made for Toby's first birthday party, and as soon as I hung it up I knew it was "too much"......the room is busy enough already!! But I didn't quite get it down in time before two small boys ran into the room exclaiming about how much they loved it, and how it felt like a party....and how I was NOT going to be taking it down!!  whoops.   Oh well...Ir's their room, after all !

I very quickly painted some dollar store cork boards and added two little dollar store hats for fun. As you can see in the pictures above, the hats have been getting some use!

I felt like drawing one day last week, and decided to do a little caricature of the boys :) I just used a thin tip black marker and then used watercolour paints to add some colour. The boys loved this! They actually recognized themselves right away, which I thought was funny :)

Toby's RED nightstand.....complete with a padlock and hidden key.

Toby's new big boy Kindergarten backpack!! little man is starting school next week! Eeek.

I made these initials with the leftover plywood from the headboard. My inspiration was from Anthropologie originally.....they had these up in their store as part of a display....but I found them on Pinterest (of course!) here

And Finn's "Lellow" nightstand! He was so absolutely chuffed to have his own spot to put his own special toys and "jewels" :) 

I really wanted a headboard to lean against while reading bedtime I decided to make one. It was actually pretty easy. I just had my local hardware store cut a piece of plywood to the right size, then glued some eggshell foam to the back and drilled holes for the button tufting. Then I stapled the fabric to the plywood and threaded the buttons on and it was done! 

I decided to use Toby's double bed as a day bed so that we wouldn't have to deal with either of them rolling off the bed (man do these boys ever move around in their sleep!). It worked out really well...and they still have lots of room to grow!

Well...there you have it. A busy room for two very busy boys :)

For anyone who's where I got everything:

Red/blue striped curtains: Pottery Barn Kids on sale
Navy star quilt: PB Kids
Cream Linen Euro Shams : IKEA
Red/white patterned pillow: Home Sense
All other pillows/cushions: DIY
Headboard: DIY
Blue pinstripe Duvet cover and shams: IKEA
Pictures frames : IKEA (yellow one was white originally, then painted yellow)
Red and Yellow nighstands: Thrifted and painted DIY


  1. You're so creative Trace. Love the room!!!

  2. Very nice! I love the bed turned the opposite way...totally brilliant move! So glad they love it!

  3. So so many fabulous details. The caricature is fantastic - I love how they can recognize themselves in all of the little touches, and how thoughtfully you selected and laid out things. Yee haw!!

  4. Awesome Tracy! Love the personality of this room! I am about to re-do my son's room for the third time in 4 years as he is moving to his big sister's room! She leaves tomorrow for university :( I think you are nesting like CRAZY!

  5. What an adorable room. They can still be super heros . Do they sleep together. That's cute if they do. Love the banner. I would keep it as well. The charicature is great.

  6. Oh my gosh your boys are cute! I especially love the photo of the boys on the bed! Adorable. Looking forward to seeing you at Blend - has been a while! PS The room looks fantastic!

  7. OHHH my gosh, I love it! So they share a bed? I've considered this for my 2 boys, but I'm not sure how that would go over with them!

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