Thursday, November 11, 2010

I heart custom Christmas cards! (thank you Tiny Prints!!)

I decided this was the year.

The year we start sending out Christmas cards.

I've always had great intentions.


But this time, thanks mostly to Tiny Prints, I'm following through!

So...a couple of weeks ago, I was perusing some photo card sites, gathering inspiration, and discovered Tiny Prints. Definitely the best selection of "non-cheesy" designs. Without a doubt.

Now....the problem do I convince my husband that we *need* to order a beautiful stack of glossy cards?

This type of purchase is generally best left to the ladies :)'s the man in this house that reads the  credit card statements ;) luck would have it, the next day I received an email from Tiny Prints!! (seriously....I'm not making this up).....asking if I would like to write a review, in exchange for a complimentary set of custom Holiday cards!

Did anyone actually think I would say no? 

I was just *meant* to have these cards! ;)

So....much quicker than expected, a beautiful box of cards arrived in the mail!

...and they are PERFECT!

(please keep in photography leaves something to be desired...and definitely does NOT show just exactly how amazing these cards are! The photos look grainy here, but they are anything but grainy in real life)

It was SO hard to choose a design....there are just simply too many great ones!

I decided on the tri-fold style...mostly just for something a little different, but I'm sure if I'd ordered any of these others, I would have loved them as well.

This is a better photo of the design I chose.

I chose the "semi-glossy" finish, for a little added glam...and I'm so glad I did! The cards are perfectly satiny.....not too shiny, but beautiful and vibrant. 

I was a liiiitle teensy bit worried that they wouldn't live up to my expectations, and then how on earth would I write a review??.....I don't know what I was worried about! 

They are simply amazing. Beautiful quality printing, great designs, excellent quick service (the cards arrived in Canada 2 days after I approved the proof, and that was 2 days after I sent in the order), and a super easy to use site.

Thank you, Tiny Prints! 


  1. love!!!!!!! love the "peace&joy with the doilie style and birdie just devine!!!!

  2. i can't wait to recieve mine in the mail! it is so cute :)
    i used tiny prints last year!!

  3. ohmygosh, you are so lucky! i love their designs but i have around 75 to order and can't seem to make the leap to buy that many. good for you! xo

  4. ...Good for you ...great looking cards!

  5. They are lovely. Definitely non cheesy!

  6. Just checked out their site and found so many adorable cards. Thanks for the info. I will be ordering mine from there now as well!

  7. they are lovely!! very nice indeed...cant wait to get your tri-fold card in the mail this christmas! xoxo

  8. OOOOH - love the designs! I always order COstco photo cards and didn't think to look at Tiny Prints, but I definitely will have to :)


  9. I am not above begging for a Christmas Card. We miss you so much! Just re-watched Toby's video to Seb and am getting caught up on the blog. You are so talented. Ali


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