Sunday, November 21, 2010

A snow day

Nothing quite like the first snowy day of the season...

especially when you're, say, a "3 boy" or a "1 boy" (Toby's words). :)

Apparently, those types of boys like snow.

A lot.

Well, Finn wasn't so sure of it at first.....and those darn mitts......

How on earth are you supposed to shove a floppy, sticky little baby  hand into a mitt?


I actually resorted to socks on his hands, covered with zip-lock bags held on with an elastic around his wrist (Dustin's idea). I know....GHETTO. haha.....but it SO worked. They stayed on for our whole sledding expedition :)

This is what Toby does when I say "SMILE!!" 

This is at a local park that has an amazing hill for sledding. It was actually a lot of fun, even with the little bit of snow we had!

Yes...that's Toby....horizontal. 

Nothing quite like a snow fort to jump off.

Finny has inherited Toby's dorky hand-me-down snowsuit. 

It's like some sort of initiation.

I mean....c' there anything funnier than a toddler with saddle bags?


So...since it snowed, I totally caved and did a full on Christmas decorating blitz last night.

Love it!

Stay tuned for a little Christmas cheer!


  1. in one of those pics finnie's little red cheeks match the 'saddlebags' on the snowsuit! too cute.

  2. Great idea for the mittens!
    I am in LOVE with your boots!! Where can I find myself a fabulous pair like that?!? Hubby keeps telling me I need more "appropriate" boots for the snow...I wonder if those would count?

  3. Laughed through this whole post from the mittens to the saddlebag paints!!! Too Cute :)

  4. thank you for sharing a what must have been LOVELY day!!! AND ofcourse THE boys with or without smiles, and saddlebags!!!;)))



  5. Too cute! What a fun day! Please share the knowledge of the boots!! We readers must know!!! :)

  6. very cute! i absolutely refused to go outside...I'm such a bad mom!! the mittens idea is hilarious!!

  7. Love your snow day photos, Tracey! What fun for those boys!!! You are just adorable, too! And I'm obsessing over your boots, girl! Where did you get them???

    Saddlebags on a toddler are so MUCH cuter than saddlebags on a 50 year old......just sayin..... lol!

    xoxo laurie

  8. Hi dear!
    You, your family and your blog are lovely.
    I'm becoming your follower and will add you on my public favourite list of blog.


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